You want to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • 1) You don't have access to sauna

  • 2) This makes you feel incomplete

  • 3) Sauna shopping is confusing

So we designed the perfect sauna.

  • Excellent heat, steam, and ventilation

    Every square inch was designed to maximize your health benifits.

  • Spacious and natural light filled

    This brings you and your loved ones closer to nature.

  • Value

    Flexible pricing to meet your needs, without sacrificing quality. Portability, and backed by 1 year warranty.

Life without sauna is tough.

We understand and our hearts sincerely break.

  • Mark, Little Ember Co., Minneapolis, MN

    ”I bought a NorthUp to add to my commercial sauna rental fleet.

    Having a sauna that is so nimble and light that I can manually move myself by hand into really any tight space has been invaluable to the business. It also just so happens to be a great sauna experience on top of it!”

  • Graham, Minneapolis, MN

    "We love our NorthUp sauna! The Urban Wing team was really easy to work with throughout the process. The sauna looks great, gets hot fast, and has a better price than other saunas of a simular size. This thing rocks!"

  • Emily & Perry, St. Louis Park, MN

    "From start to finish we had a great expereince working with Darin. He is so genuine and really cares about your sauna experience. Being one of the first owners to choose an electric stove, Darin made sure we had the best experience finding the right stove that delivered the same wonderful heat as a wood burning stove. The sauna's unique design is refreshing. We didn't want to walk out of our house and into another box outside. The NorthUp truly blurs the lines between sauna and nature. We are beyond grateful we made this life changing decision and brought home the NorthUp.

  • Andrea, Minneapolis, MN

    During my search to buy a sauna, I did extensive research on various designs and consulted with local builders. However, it the NorthUp sauna design that truly caught my eye! What impressed me most was its multifunctional capabilities and the spaciousness of the interior! Additionally, the natural light that comes through is much needed, especially during the dark winter months. Owning a sauna is teaching me about the importance of rest and about turning towards my relationship with the natural world. I also believe that Darin is a genuinely kind and creative entrepreneur who uses saunas to build stronger communities. I love my NorthUp sauna and I respect the values that guide Urban Wing!

  • Dan, Los Angels, CA

    Other than my phone, my NorthUp Minne is the most important possession. And the one I use the most.

    And unlike my phone, I don't have to charge it.

    It's sleek, it's lightweight, and it's elegant -- everything I want in a sauna. Couldn't be happier!

    My wife and I use it every night before going to sleep.

We take our work seriously.

  • Approved by Glenn from

  • Front page of The New York Times

Sauna is within your reach!

Our structured process is designed to provide a seamless and personalized experience, ensuring you receive the perfect sauna that suits your needs and preferences. 

  • 1 - Talk

    The journey begins with a discovery call, where we learn about your specific needs and preferences for a sauna to make sure we're a good fit.

  • 2 - Plan

    This interactive process allows you to select the sauna model, layout, and any additional features you may want to include. 

  • 3 - Build

    We confirm your order and begin the production process. You can relax knowing that your dream sauna is on its way, built to your exact specifications.

  • NorthUp Minne

    4'x8' hotroom fits 2-4 adults

    Weighs ~300 lbs

    Accepts sauna tent stoves

    Incorporated hard plywood skid

    Side or rear doors

    Fits inside standard pickup truck

    Download brochure 
  • NorthUp stand-alone

    6'x10' hotroom fits 3-6 adults

    Optional 6-9 adult configuration

    Weighs ~850 lbs

    Accepts electric or wood fired stoves

    Modular benches

    Wooden skid for semi-mobility

    Download brochure 
  • NorthUp trailer

    6'x10 hotroom fits 3-6 adults

    Optional 9 adult configuration

    Weighs ~950 lbs

    Wood fired stoves

    Modular benches

    Aluminum 65mph trailer

    Download brochure 

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At Urban Wing, we understand your desire for a healthy lifestyle includes having a sauna. Not having one can make you feel incomplete. We've designed the perfect solution because every person deserves access to good heat. Let's schedule a call to discuss your needs, plan your sauna build, and get you on track to a healthier lifestyle without delay.

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  • • Excellent heat, steam, and ventilation

    Maximize health benefits by heating up to 212F. Solar-assistance and calculated thermo mass placement enables quick heat-up temperatures, yet bold heat. Pour water on the rocks for steam, and enjoy plentiful circular ventilation in an insulated and controllable climate.

  • • Transparent natural light

    Natural light enriched experience, and connection to nature. Glow at night via wood-fired stove flames. Enjoy song bird melodies and conversations with an outside cold plunging buddy. Multiple tints and colors available if privacy is preferred.

  • • Portable, yet spacious

    Lightweight without sacrificing comfort. Choose from the Minne 4x8' (~250 lbs), standard 6x10' stand-alone or trailered versions (less than 1,000 lbs). Fit up to 9 adults.

  • • SaunaTimes and industry-approved

    Glenn from gets it and loves it. You know it's good heat when he is a recurring user, by choice. Our saunas are accepted by the sauna community and participate in sauna events with praise.

  • • Safe

    Shatterproof thermo-material designed for weatherability and high temperatures without off-gassing. Choice of pine or western red cedar for durable quality construction.

  • • Sauna | Eat | Sleep, repeat

    Versatile configuations are available for season-round needs. Leverage camp mode kits to fit a queen-sized mattress and dining room table for food and games.

Book a demo sweat💧

Would you purchase a car without driving it? Of course not. We'd love to schedule a time to fire-up a unit and sweat it out. Bring a friend, loved one, or supportive neighbor. Seriously.

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Multi-purpose configurations

Interested in a sauna rental?

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  • you...

    • Feel constantly stressed and overwhelmed
    • Have difficulty releasing and unwinding after a long day

    • Deal with poor sleep, leaving you tired and sluggish
    • Experience chronic pain that interferes with daily activities
    • Are prone to getting sick and it take a long time to recover

  • your loved ones...

    • Feel disconnected and don't share enough quality time
    • Have difficulty strengthening bonds and creating lasting memories
    • Are constantly distracted by electronics
    • Push-back on doing things outside
    • Struggle with creating new traditions
  • your community...

    • Feels isolated and lacks a sense of unity
    • Lacks neighbor engagement and interactions
    • Witnesses a growing generational divide
    • Has unmet desires for networking opportunities
    • Lacks special space for a support system
  • your life ✔

    • Stress relief
    • Improved relaxation and sleep
    • Enhanced physical health
    • Improved circulation
    • Muscle relaxation
  • your loved ones ✔

    • Quality time
    • Emotional support
    • Improved relationships
    • Unplugged experience
    • Enhanced household moods
  • your community ✔

    • Foster a sense of community
    • Creating cultural exchanges
    • Support space for networking, celebrations, and intergenerational connection via a shared well-being

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