The NorthUp, an innovative ultralight mobile sauna

Patent Pending. Starting at $5,499*

Accepting orders now.

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*does not include sales tax and trailer registration fee (if applicable)

  • ✔ Transparent

    Natural light enriched experience and connection to nature. Glow at night via wood-fired stove flames. Enjoy song bird melodies and conversations with an outside cold plunging buddy. Multiple tints and colors available.

  • ✔ Lämpömassa

    Calculated thermo mass placement enables quick heat-up temperatures, yet bold heat. Gentle löyly, two tier benches, and circular ventilation in an insulated and controllable climate.

  • ✔ Mobile

    Custom welded aluminum trailer, total tow weight of ~950 lbs., without bodies. Internal dimensions of 6' x 10' fits 3 to 6 adults. Durable thermo-material and Western Red Cedar quality construction.

  • ✔ Sauna | Eat | Sleep, repeat

    Versatile configuations available for season-round needs. Leverage Camp Mode kits to fit a queen-sized mattress and dinning room table for food and games.

  • ✔ SaunaTimes approved

    Glenn gets it and loves it. You know it's good heat when he is a recurring visitor, by choice.

  • $699 plus tax, per week

    $200 credit eligible towards future sauna purchases

  • Monday drop-off / pick-up

    "Trailer-less" unit sits on ground

    Spactious 6'x10' hot room

    Fits 3 to 6 adults

    Free delievery in Twin Cities area

  • Includes:

    +One week of sauna (7 nights)

    +Two bundles of firewood

    +One box of kindling

    +Water bucket + laddle

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