PRESS RELEASE - 8/22/2023 - Urban Wing Co. Unveils NorthUp Saunas, Connecting Nature and Wellbeing, at the Minnesota State Fair

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Urban Wing Co. Unveils NorthUp Saunas, Connecting Nature and Wellbeing, at the Minnesota State Fair

Minneapolis, MN  8/22/2023 – Urban Wing Co., a trailblazing innovator in outdoor solutions since 2019 is thrilled to announce its first ever participation in the upcoming Minnesota State Fair, August 24 - September 4, 2023. The company is set to showcase its groundbreaking patent-pending NorthUp saunas, a fusion of affordability, portability, and multipurpose functionality that brings individuals closer to the tranquility of nature.

Urban Wing's NorthUp saunas, with their ingenious design, patented vent technology, and versatile features, offer fair attendees an exclusive opportunity to immerse themselves in the restorative benefits of heat therapy. These portable saunas, designed for convenience and charm, open the door to a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation.

"At Urban Wing, we're committed to designing and building affordable, transportable saunas that enable individuals to harmonize with nature in a rural or urban environment as they prioritize their health," stated Darin Mays, owner at Urban Wing. The Minnesota State Fair provides an ideal setting for attendees to experience the NorthUp saunas, get their questions answered, and even purchase a sauna for custom build. With their lightweight design and portability, NorthUp saunas can easily transform any outdoor setting into a personal oasis, whether it's a backyard retreat, a lakeside sanctuary, or a garden hideaway.

Urban Wing is honored to have the support of Glenn Auerbach from SaunaTimes, a recognized authority in the sauna community. Auerbach champions the "holy trinity" of sauna – good heat, steam, and ventilation – and endorses the convenience and charm that the NorthUp saunas bring to individuals seeking a wholesome wellness experience. “When you feel good heat, it’s all over. And it’s all over when you’re in a NorthUp sauna.”

The Minnesota State Fair's legacy of showcasing transformative innovations aligns perfectly with Urban Wing’s mission, making it a fitting platform for attendees to engage with the NorthUp saunas. Minnesota continues to carve out its space as the sauna capital of North America, the NorthUp leans into the Minnesota ethic: love of the outdoors, an appreciation of community, and a focus on health and wellness.

Urban Wing Co cordially invites all fair attendees to visit their booth, next to the butter sculptures in the Dairy Building, to explore the magic of NorthUp saunas. Embark on a journey of wellness and natural harmony that promises to elevate the way individuals experience relaxation.


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About Urban Wing Co:

Urban Wing Co is a pioneering force in wellness solutions, dedicated to enriching lives through innovative products that seamlessly blend nature and wellbeing. The NorthUp saunas, distinguished by their affordability, portability, and versatility, exemplify Urban Wing Co's commitment to fostering fresh air and community connections. Gaining support of Glenn Auerbach from SaunaTimes underscores their dedication to delivering a transformative wellness experience that aligns with the "holy trinity" of sauna.

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