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Urban Wing

NorthUp Minne, ultralight wood-fired 2-4 person sauna

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Great heat, steam, and ventilation meet ultra-portability with the patent pending NorthUp Minne. This is a fully assempled unit.

•4'x8' hotroom fits 2-4 adults with 4'x6' base

•Weighs ~250 lbs (without stoves and removeable benches)

•Accepts sauna tent stoves with 4" chimney

•Incorporated hard plastic skid allows it to slide on the ground

•Side and rear doors

•Removeable top, bottom, and folding side cedar benches

•Four (4) corner tie-downs

•Fits inside back of standard pickup truck or trailer for easy transportation

NorthUp Key Benefits

Transparent. Natural light enriched experience, and connection to nature. Glow at night via wood-fired stove flames. Enjoy song bird melodies and conversations with an outside cold plunging buddy. Multiple tints

Lämpömassa. Heats up to 212F and solar-assisted. Calculated thermo mass placement enables quick heat-up temperatures, yet bold heat. Gentle löyly, two tier benches, and circular ventilation in an insulated and controllable climate.

Safe. Shatterproof thermo-material designed for weatherability and high temperatures without off-gassing. Durable pine construction, benches are always cedar.

SaunaTimes and SaunaPapi approved. Glenn and Luis get it and love it. You know it's good heat when they are recurring users, by choice.

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