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nICE Mug

Ice glass mold kit, mug, for beer, cocktails, juices, and other drinks. nICE Mug.

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100% ice glass
This kit includes two (2) molds. Each nICE Mug mold is made up of a base mold and a lid mold. The lid mold snaps into the base mold displacing the water in the mold to form the shape for your nICE mug. Each nICE Mug Holder is made up of two different plastic holders, one nests the ice glass with a small hole to release water into the second plastic holder, which creates a chamber to collect the ice melt.

FILL - Fill your outer mold a little past half way full with water
FREEZE - Attach top mold and freeze for 6-8 hours
POP - After waiting a couple minutes to warm the outside of the mold, pop out nICE Mug from mold and place it into your nICE holder
POUR - Pour in your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Unique Drinking Experience
nICE Mug provides a unique, eco-friendly way to keep your beer, cocktail, or glass of water ice cold. Whether it’s a big game, big event, or adult night, nICE Mug is the perfect addition. Draw eyeballs with the coolest drinking vessel around and have everybody asking, “what’s that?!” Well, it’s a mug made entirely out of ice!

Memorable Gift
The kit also makes an excellent surprise for your favorite cold-drink lovers. With an eco-friendly, reusable design, the nICE Mug mold provides endless enjoyment long after it is first unwrapped.