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Urban Wing

Extra large foldable wood sauna mat, rug, easy storage and transportation. Cedar wood. 2'x5', 3'x5', and 4'x5'

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Large foldable wooden mat made out of high quality Western Red Cedar. The natural unfinished wood is perfect for your sauna, cool down room, garage, walkways, cabin, lawn, and more. Versatile indoor or outdoor use.

The steel rod design creates a rigid surface, which can be adjusted to loosen or tightened the wood connection. Loosen the connections to fold the mat down for cleaning, transportation, or storage. Tools included.

Lay multiple mats next to each other to cover a larger area.

Cedar is naturally weather resistant so it will withstand all kinds of environments.

Available in different sizes:
2'x5' - (23.5" x 58" actual)
3'x5' - (35" x 58" actual) - shown in photos
4x5' - (45" x 58" actual)

Handcrafted in USA